6 Easy Steps to Create Instagram Contest – Leverage Facebook Too!

Jeff Bullas reported in a recent infographic that over 5,000,000 images are uploaded everyday to Instagram, and an ungodly number of Likes per second — try 575 Likes per second!  So, obviously, it would be wise for your company to capture some of that synergy through Instagram photo contests.  

Photo contests are one of the most popular forms of online contests.  There are minimal barriers to enter since the costs of taking a photo is cheap — especially with the popularity of smart phones.  Photographs are user generated and, therefore, increase excitement encourages users to promote their creativity.  Photos are colorful and exciting to the eye.

Running an Instagram photo contest should certainly assist in increasing your company’s brand awareness, but it be great if you could also engage your fans on Facebook by attaching the contest to your Facebook Fan Page or embed the contest on your website to drive traffic.

This post is specific to the Contest.is platform — which enables you to create an Instagram photo contest through our six (6) step contest wizard.

Step 1 – Create the title of contest

Step 2 – Select contest format


Instagram Contest Scenario No. 1:  Company searches Instagram (through our contest platform) for specific tag words and Pre-Selects photos to include in contest.

Instagram Contest Scenario No. 2:  Users submit their Instagram photo directly to the platform for review and consideration for entry.

Step 3 – Set dates (submissions and voting)

Step 4 – Lead Settings – email, name, birth date etc.

Step 5 – Contest Settings – Attach to Facebook FanPage


Step 6 – Create Contest Description and Rules

Example of Contest:


Then allow your audience to cast their individual votes.


(Live Example Below – Cast Your Vote)

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